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Sunday, November 04, 2018

Is your garage door opener not functioning properly? Is your garage door out of alignment? Is it time to replace one of your garage door springs? We offer a full range of garage door repair services. Whether you’re in need of a routine garage door inspection or need a part replaced, no matter the issue with your garage door, we Above All Garage Doors are here for you!

With over 20 years of garage door repairs and installation experience, we know how important it is to you to select the right garage door repair company. We strive to provide fast, dependable & reliable service in all of our work. We understand that as a consumer you have choices and our priority is to provide the best service possible at a reasonable price.

Some of our garage door services include:

    Spring Replacement & Service
    Re-Alignment and Balancing
    Panel Repair & Replacement
    Hinge Repair & Replacement
    Cable Repair & Replacement
    Roller Repair & Replacement
    Custom Repairs & More


Annual Garage Door Tune Up

    Safety Check
    Roller/Hinge Replacement
    Track Lubricating
    Track Adjustments
    Weather Seal Replacement
    Emergency Repair Services


A garage door opener provides the convenience of an automatically operated garage door.

We carry the most popular and reliable opener brands such as Chamberlain Liftmaster, Genie, linear and many more.


Broken garage door springs are common and are usually caused by years of wear from normal use.

Broken garage door springs may prevent you from opening your garage door or cause many other problems when trying to open or close your door.


   Apart from the frustrations caused by garage door off track, serious injuries and property damage may be incurred.

It is advisable not to forcefully pull a jammed door down, as this bends the vertical tracks and popping out of the rollers from the track, leading to serious damage.


Do not attempt removing the cables. Replacing cables and springs is a very dangerous job.

All the weight of the garage door is carried by the garage door springs. All the force of the garage door springs is carried by the cables.

The cables and garage door springs are under an extreme amount of tension. These repairs should be done by professionals


Garage doors can be harmful if you attempt repairs without the correct tools and safety gear.

The springs are loaded in garage door mechanisms, so if you handle them incorrectly or fail to unwind the springs properly, then it could break your garage door and cause more damage, resulting in higher repair bills than you would’ve initially thought.

This is a bad scenario for everyone involved.